About Havelock

This island, with beautiful sandy beaches fringed with green canopy of the rain forest beckons every one to enjoy the fun at the azure sea. Vijaynagar beach, 5 Kms. away from the jetty on the eastern side and Elephant beach, 10 Kms. from the jetty (including trekking through the forest) on the north western part of the island are other breathtaking beaches. The Tourism Department organizes Island camping (tented accommodation) during the tourist season at Radha Nagar beach. One can enjoy the stay right on the seashore by hearing the lulls of the solacing sea in this camp.

Havelock is connected by daily speed boat services from Port Blair. Dolphin Resort provides comfortable accommodation at Havelock. Private Hotels are also offering excellent accommodation facilities there. Snorkeling and Scuba Diving facilities are offered by Scuba Dive Centre operators seasonally. Accommodation at Dolphin Resort & Island camping could be made from the Reception Desk of Directorate of Tourism, Port Blair on all working days during office hours.

Tourist attractions in Havelock

Scuba Diving-Andaman My Trip

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving is an excellent way to see some very beautiful sites: Tropical coral diving sites with their colourful sea life are the most famous but other scuba diving attractions include tropical and temperate rocky reefs, shipwrecks, caverns and caves. Scuba diving can also be a very relaxing sport and in many places it's very beginner friendly. Many dive sites are accessible (under the care of an instructor) after a short briefing and training dive.

Snorkelling-Andaman My Trip


A swimmer's snorkel is a tube typically about 30 centimeters long and with an inside diameter of between 1.5 and 2.5 centimeters, usually L- or J-shaped and fitted with a mouthpiece at the lower end, and constructed of rubber or plastic. It is used for breathing air from above the water surface when the wearer's mouth and nose are submerged. Facility Available at Havelock Island & North Bay Island.

Sea Walk-Andaman My Trip

Sea Walk

Your trip to Port Blair would be incomplete if you miss this one. Here, you literally walk the sea bed with corals and the colourful sea life giving you an interesting company. The organisers provide you with oxygen masks and train you well before letting you go scot free. Sea bed walking allows one to explore the brilliant marine flora and fauna off the Islands from extremely close quarters and more often than not, from within touching distance of fish, in their natural habitat.

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